Are you aspiring British artists? join us

Are you aspiring British artists? join us post thumbnail image

Glamourie is a collective of contemporary British artists. Their mission is to promote and understand British art.

Glamourie has been in existence for 12 years now. They are an online resource for aspiring British artists who are interested in the latest developments in the arts scene, be it contemporary or classical. They also provide an international platform for too-little-known British artists to showcase their work to a global audience.

Are you a British artist? Do you have a story to tell? Do you have a design, an idea, or a product that has the potential to change life as we know it? Join Glamourie – more-or-less.

We’re like your very own league of extraordinary people, and we’re using the power of technology and art to capture those moments that make us who we are. We’re changing the way people see themselves and their world. And we want you to join us.

The world is full of talented artists like yourself doing remarkable things with their creativity and talent. The challenge today is how to find them and how best to support them. But we can help with that too. We provide our members with an online platform

Glamourie is a more-or-less contemporary British artists’ group.

Too little known, Glamourie is a more-or-less contemporary British artist group.

Painters, musicians and other artists can join our club

We have a great pleasure to introduce Glamourie group of artists, who are too little-known and continue to be, because they are highly creative and talented. They can create paintings that are unique, full of color and emotion. The individuality is the key for this work.

Painters, musicians and other artists can join our club!

This section is meant to provide artists with a space to showcase their work that would not be typically seen in traditional galleries.

We want to introduce you to some contemporary British artists, who are relatively new on the scene, but already making waves.

The group is called Glamourie and they are more-or-less painters, musicians and other artists.

Their work is often too little known which is why we have decided to share it with you.

We hope that our club will inspire you as much as it has us.

Painters, musicians and other artists can join our club. Glamourie is more-or-less a group of contemporary British artists. Too-little known, they are not household names. But their work is worth a closer look.

Take British painter Tessa Farmer, for example. She has been described as an ‘unsung hero’ of the British school of painting who deserves to be better known in the art world. Her features and landscapes are both gripping and unsettling in a way that reflects her own personal struggle with mental health issues.

We hope that this article has inspired you to check out these artists’ work for yourself or encourage you to come join us at Glamourie!

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